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Path 2 Success
New to RU-N Hero

New to RU-N?

Whether you are new to college or a transfer student, take the first step to your academic and career success with RU-N.

Set Yourself Up for Success

Find your way around and get ready for classes to begin. Follow these steps to get started.

Prepare for enrollment

Develop your academic plan and prepare for future registration. Meet with your advisor to get started.

Compare your options

Explore and compare majors to find what best fits you and your career goals.

Join the RU-N App

Access all of your campus information on-the-go. Get campus alerts and join the campus discussion to connect with your peers.

Join the Navigate App

Stay organized, track important dates and deadlines, and connect to your student success team of advisors and other staff members.

Stay on Track

Wherever you are in your RU-N journey, stay on track by following the pathway to success for your academic year.