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Path 2 Success
RU-N arch 3 students


For students with 61-90 credits. Follow these steps to align your academic and career plans and expand your network.

Integrate Your Academic and Career Plans

Not all majors line up with a specific industry or job. Get guidance on how to turn your interests into a career.

Contact Your Advisor or Schedule an Appointment

Ensure you stay on track for graduation by meeting with your academic advisor. Now is also the time to add a second major or minor to your record if you have not done so already.

Explore Our Programs

Find what major interests you and best aligns to your career goals. Explore majors and minors online and at the Major & Minor Fair.

Connect with a Career Coach

Continue to plan and refine your post-graduation plans. Visit the Office of Career Resources and Exploration to review your interview materials and internship/job search strategy.

Build and Review Your Career Plan

Planning and preparing for your future is a continuous process. Don't wait until Senior year. 

Get an Internship or Part-Time Job

Explore your interests and build your skills with hands-on experience.

Evaluate Your Career Readiness

Are you prepared for jobs/internships or graduate school? Now is the time to review and evaluate key competencies to ensure you are on track.